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Oil & Gas Field Support


Aurora Helicopters supports gas field and oil field operations and exploration in western Canada, including gas and oil well and pipeline surveys, field operations, plant maintenance, pipeline leak detection, reclamation inspections and emergency response. Our float-equipped helicopter has been absolutely essential to providing emergency response to pipeline leaks.

Oilsands Support


Aurora Helicopters is involved in the Oilsands primarily through the conduct of oilsands pre-development activities, including aerial reconnaissance, ground survey support, environmental impact assessment support, including the transport of quads, argos, boats and equipment for field personnel to use in their surveys.

Environmental Monitoring


Aurora Helicopters supports various government departments and industry monitoring associations in the conduct of a wide variety of environmental monitoring programs.

We have supported everything from soil studies, water surveys, biodiversity monitoring, snow surveys, geological studies, to many wildlife surveys including radio fish tracking, black bear tracking, caribou collaring (net gunning), wolf collaring, moose collaring, moose, deer and caribousurveys, peregrine falcon surveys and banding, bison surveys, etc.

Fire Suppression


Aurora Helicopters conducts forest fire pre-suppression & suppression activities. Pre-suppression is the transporting of firefighting personnel and equipment to pre-determined locations to stand ready for fire activity, and carrying out aerial “smoke patrols” to detect forest fires in high hazard areas and in the vicinity of thunderstorms. Fire suppression includes the transport of firefighting personnel and equipment to the scene of a wildfire, airborne reconnaissance and communication, and the use of water buckets to drop water directly onto active fire areas.

Wildlife Survey & Management


Aurora Helicopters supports the Alberta government and Parks Canada in carrying out wildlife management and survey activities in Alberta and the NWT, including Wood Buffalo National Park.

Photography & Videography (Media)


Aurora Helicopters supports the news and entertainment media industries through various still and video camera missions. We have carried out aerial cinematography missions for Discovery Channel, Oasis Network, the CBC, the BBC, etc., including High Definition, Gyro-Stabilized work with various externally mounted camera systems. Our work includes some of the Canadian Rivers series on Discovery, and an episode of the Frozen Planet series for the BBC. We provided an airborne camera platform for National Geographic magazine and have flown many international media groups.

Remote Sensing & Airborne Imaging

Gyro-stabilized InfraRed and Colour Video

Aurora Helicopters has an externally mounted, gyro-stabilized camera system which includes extremely sensitive InfraRed (IR) imaging, which can be used to detect powerline issues, pipeline leaks, otherwise hidden wildlife, etc.  This system can detect heat variations of a fraction of a degree and the zoom capabilities are unbelievable.  Both colour video and IR images can be captured and recorded, with geo-referenced location data encoded in the imagery, for use in GIS applications.

Survey Quality Photo Imagery

Aurora Helicopters has developed a still photo imagery system which captures very high resolution digital still images and with post-processing can produce a survey quality mosaic which can provide 5 cm three-dimensional accuracy.  The beauty of this system is that it can be deployed to cover a client’s area of interest very quickly, providing data in near-real time.  The applications of this technology are near endless, and we have only begun to scratch the surface.


Aurora Helicopters has carried out several LIDAR survey studies in cooperation with third party LIDAR providers.  Our AMEs are qualified to install certified LIDAR equipment on our aircraft and we can provide prompt response to client survey needs.

Oilsands Heli-Tours

Aurora Helicopters is a local expert when it comes to providing aerial tours of the Athabasca Oilsands area. We have provided tours to oil industry support companies that have altered their outlook and changed their focus to service the development of the Oilsands. We have provided many of Canada’s decision makers with their first look at this abundant resource, including many Federal Members of Parliament (even Bob Rae and his lovely wife) and Federal Ministers.

We have hosted a variety of stakeholders and prominent newscasters, including James Cameron and Peter Mansbridge. We have carried out other scenic tours to local landmarks, including Whitemud Falls, the Grande Rapids, etc. The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) often make use of our services for Oilsands Tours, as they recognize that we provide a very balanced view of the industry and in fact can serve as ambassadors for the Oilsands region. We have even convinced several members of anti-oil environmental groups that the industry can be a responsible steward, as we focus their tours on the successful reclamation projects that have been carried out.

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