Safety & Quality

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We take Safety & Quality very seriously.


We view the regulatory requirements of our industry to be the lowest threshold and we impose more stringent standards upon our organization, in order to provide a greater margin of safety and to continually improve the quality of our company, its personnel, aircraft, facilities, equipment, maintenance and operations, so that our clients experience is one of safe, efficient and effective support of their missions.

In addition to the required maintenance and operational control manuals that are required under the CARs, we have created a Safety Management System and a Quality Management System, to ensure that areas of non-compliance, as well as areas that may benefit from improvement, are identified, and acted upon in a timely manner.

We are broadening the scope of our SMS and QMS to include our entire range of operations and activities, so that we continue to improve our safety performance and achieve ever higher quality in all that we do.

The Quality Assurance Process

Our Quality Assurance process includes the following steps: auditing of all functional areas, identification of areas of non-conformance (and areas for improvement), analysis of root cause(s), identification of corrective actions, verification of performance of corrective actions, assessment of effectiveness of corrective actions, repeating until each finding is deemed to have been effectively mitigated.

Occupational Health and Safety

Aurora Helicopters is aware of its responsibilities with respect to OH&S and strives to exceed the standards. We have a Safety Committee in place which is led by our Safety Coordinator. Our OH&S includes Aviation OS&H (AOSH) for employees within the aircraft, and federal Canadian OS&H (COSH) for our aviation employees outside of the aircraft. Our non-aviation employees fall under Alberta OH&S as well.

Third-Party Audits

In order to meet client requirements, we are registered with several third party OH&S registry firms, who look after due diligence for their client “owners”, who are typically larger Oil & Gas producers and mid-stream companies. We are currently registered with ISNetworld, CanQual, ComplyWorks, and Avetta (formerly PICS). We are also audited on behalf of several clients by third party Aviation Safety Consultancies, including Contrail Aviation, Hart Aviation and Marsh Insurance.

Employee Health

We offer a smoke-free work environment and smoke-free staff accommodations. We encourage our employees to live a smoke-free and healthy lifestyle. We have sponsored various company team sporting activities, to reflect our encouragement of healthy choices. We provide our employees with health related information, through our online digital information system.

Safety and Loss Prevention Policy

WBH has developed a Safety & Loss Prevention Program, which rewards positive contributions to our Quality & Safety culture, and provides a “Just Culture” model for responding to situations where employees have failed to live up to our Quality & Safety standards.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

WBH has a Drug & Alcohol Policy in place which allows for pre-employment screen, pre-job screening as required, and post-incident screening.


Aurora Helicopters includes consideration of environmental impacts in its Quality Management System, as a key area of responsibility. We also include environmental impacts within our formal risk assessment process.

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